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Tracfone Wireless

New Business Strategy

For decades, the world of wireless has been a sore point for millions of customers, with contracts and fees that are unwanted and unexplained. Our goal was to help Tracfone separate their brand identity from the big four.

(Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile)

My role as the strategist included some of the following responsibilities:

  • Conducting competitive analysis and industry research.

  • Developing questions for focus groups and surveys.

  • Writing creative brief for art directors and copywriters. 

[See below for project details and click here for full pith deck]

Brand Positioning

Tracfone_Tissue (dragged).png
Tracfone_Tissue (dragged) 3.png
Tracfone_Tissue (dragged) 2.png

The Strategy

The Explanation

The Creative

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